SE Europe


  • Establishment of NGO TIKA, Podgorica, 2013
  • Establishment of Training Centre for improving quality of service in Tourism sector, Tivat 2012
  • Train the trainers for Active employment measures in private sector (Pamark d.o.o., ZOPT), since 2008
  • International MONtour Project, financed from the Austrian Development fond. Training of employees in tourism sector, aiming to improve quality of tourism service in Montenegro, 2011-2012
  • Training of experts in Vocational rehabilitation, supervising implementation of Vocational rehabilitation in Montenegro (2010-2011)
  • International project Uspjet ću (I will make it). Training of trainers for implementation of Active employment measures in Montenegro financed from the Employment Service of Montenegro.
  • Permanent training and supervision of professionals from Employment service of Montenegro (since 2000)
  • Training of group of experts for preparation, implementation and supervision of IPA projects (April 2007, June 2007, November 2008)
  • Development and implementation of Doctrine of work with difficult to employ persons for Employment service of Montenegro (2008)
  • Training of professionals from Employment service of Montenegro  for work with difficult to employ persons (2007)
  • Bilateral study: Labour market and employment (June 2003)
  • Development and implementation of internal institutional system of education for professionals from Employment service of Montenegro  (2003)
  • Participation in the project „Vocational Education and Training Technical Assistance“ (May, June 2003


  Bosnia in Herzegovina

  • International project „Centre for developing and implementing programmes under the initiative of Active Employment policy and training for different experts in the field of employment, financed by the Federal employment Service of BiH (2007 – 2010)
  • Development of „Centre for professionals training, development and implementation of Active employment policy measures »in association with the Federal employment Service of BiH and Cantonal Employment Services of BiH. (2007-2010)

  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

  • Implementation of educational programmes, train the trainer in the field of employment (2012, 2013)
  • IPA Project „Fostering social inclusion and inclusive labour market“ (2011-2013)


  • International project „New skills for Persons with disabilities »in the frame of Progress programme of the EU.
  • Training of highly educated professionals from the Employment service of Serbia for work with persons with disabilities.
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