AQui Standard

AQui Standard

AQui is a standardized certification of personality and work competencies. AQui certification system enables individuals to demonstrate and certify their hard and soft skills in a relevant occupation.

Assessment of personal and work competences in the frame of AQui Standard on the other hand allows interested employers to take a detailed insight into the personal and work competences of workers, assessed with a set of psychological tests in accordance with the law of the country in which measurements are made, the theoretical and practical examination according to internationally recognized methodology for work assessment (REFA), taking into account the quality of work, adherence to occupational safety and protective equipment, as well as work efficiency. AQui Standard methodology also provides interested employers to see a video of the worker during the performance of a practical assessment.

Certification by AQui Standard provides a modular upgrade of certificate with the new work competencies and knowledge of foreign languages on both general and professional level.

AQui Standard provides a high degree of reliability of the results also taking into account the legal regulations on the protection of personal data.

In addition to the standardized control process, embedded processing safety elements and multi-level security features for protection of the certificate, AQui Standard provides a high level of safety for employers in the candidates selection processes and provides verification of the certificate authenticity.

Development of AQui standard is co-financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

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