Papilot, Institute for enhancement and development of the quality of life
was found in 1995 and employs a large number of professionals in the field of education, psychology, professional rehabilitation, employment and occupational therapy. As our name states the main purpose of Papilot is to enhance and develop the quality of life, for which we use a holistic, interdisciplinary approach, emphasising promotion of social inclusion of people with special needs. Our main activities are focused on promotion of social Entrepreneurship, education, training and guidance of persons with disabilities, unemployed and other vulnerable groups. Aim of our services and activities is to provide employment opportunities, equal treatment, effective social inclusion and quality work with vulnerable groups and enabling their successful reintegration into the labour market and society.


Papilot is

Slovenian largest private concessionaire for the implementation of vocational rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.

Team of experts from the fields of medicine, psychology, occupational therapy, pedagogy-andragogy and technology of work, works on the socio-labour integration of persons with disabilities.

we are distinguished by

holistic and person-cantered approach, the continuous development of the profession all in accordance with ISO Quality standard 9001/2008.

AND .... we grow with you.    

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